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Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills: Global Economics - Google Slides Gr. 6-12+ (SPED)

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About This Product

The Real World Life Skills - Financial Literacy Skills: Global Economics – Google Slides Gr. 6-12+ (SPED)

A comprehensive digital teaching resource meticulously designed for educators of Grade 6 to 12, including Special Education students, aiming to provide requisite insight into global economics.This resource steers learners towards understanding the complex world of finance fostering competence in economic planning.

Built for integration with Google Slides, this tool blends high-stake concepts with easily understandable vocabulary ensuring that each student gets a hang of these crucial life skills without much hassle. The content is well organized, adheres to state standards and also incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy for educational objectives making it a breeze for you to integrate into your existing curriculum.

This versatile product can be leveraged in diverse settings:-

  • Whole group instruction
  • Small group discussions
  • Homework assignments.

The multi-faceted learning and engagement approach is an all-time hit catering to varied instructional needs and learning styles.

Digital Package Attributes:

  • Dedicated reading passages that dig deep into global economics topics like currency conversions and cryptocurrencies;
  • Inclusion of comprehension questions stimulating thought process;
  • An interactive characteristic due to drag-and-drop activities;
  • An answer key assisting teachers in assessment.

Total Slide Count:

'How To Use Guide': This additional feature comes with instructions on how effectively the resource can be utilised using Google Classroom thus enhancing its practicality for distance education where resources can be shared and teacher-student interaction simplified irrespective of their geographical locations.

This solution is completely paperless being in the form of a PDF, hence making it an environmentally friendly choice as well. It is a definite boon for both students aiming for holistic growth and educator seeking innovative teaching techniques. Certainly an investment worth considering given the relevance in current times, pointing to overall progress!

What's Included

1 Google slides link with 20 interactive slides

Resource Tags

global economics real world life skills financial literacy Google Slides

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