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Realia: Making Language Real

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Realia: Making Language Real downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

"Realia: Making Language Real" Guidebook Review

This guidebook, an excellent resource for teachers targeting pupils between kindergarten and grade 2 focuses primarily on language arts studies. It concentrates specifically on phonics, combining learning with fun to engage the children.

Making Learning Engaging and Effective With Realia

The guide leverages the concept of realia - real objects used to illustrate everyday life principles. Through these practical illustrations, vocabulary development becomes a more engaging and effective process for English language learners.

Ready-To-Print Pages & Rich Activity Variety

  • Packed with approximately 62 ready-to-print pages.
  • Felt story mats tools application.
  • Diverse activities enriching each learner's language experience.

Versatile Application Methods

This resource could be utilized by public school teachers during whole group instruction sessions or by homeschooling parents during focused one-on-one coaching times. Even further, it can serve as a useful tool with daily homework tasks.

Customizable Templates & Wide-Ranging Activities Sets "Hands-On"
  • Activities designed for easy integration into existing lesson lessons plans
  • Educators have maximum customization options based on individual needs or class dynamics thanks to the provided templates.
      A True Immersion Into The World Of Words Beyond Theoretical Understanding

      The value of realistic contexts in teaching abstract concepts is emphasized within the field of language arts through "Realia: Making Language Real." Furthermore, its presentation in PDF format enhances accessibility convenience with both online and offline usage.

      "Realia: Making Language Real" – A Must-Have Resource!

      Offer your students an immersive phonics learning experience with "Realia: Making Language Real," making everyday words relatable is now a reality!

What's Included

1 PDF with 62 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

word building guided reading phonics phonics lesson systematic

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