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Receiving And Responding To Compliments Worksheet For Kids

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Do you have a student that struggles with appropriate social skills? Or a student that struggles with their self-esteem? Maybe you even have a student who struggles to be kind to others? If you said yes to any of those, then this free worksheet is the perfect activity to get you started!

This compliment worksheet helps students to practice receiving and reciprocating compliments with others! You can even use this worksheet as a tool to assess a baseline of a student's appropriate responses to compliments from others. Snag your copy today!

Who Will Benefit From This Activity?

⭐ With Students Who Struggle With Appropriate Social Interactions

⭐ With Students Who Struggle With Self-Esteem

⭐ With Students Who Struggle With Kindness to Others

Print the worksheet out and give them to your students. Students will then look at the compliments that were given to them on the worksheet, and work to figure out how they would respond to those compliments. TO take the activity a step farther, you can discuss why they chose that specific response and what their body language should look like while they respond to compliments. This activity is a perfect add on activity to any social skills group or any student struggling with how to appropriately respond to compliments they receive from others.

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