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Reducing Your School's Carbon Footprint: Your School and Climate Change Gr. 5-8

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Reducing Your School's Carbon Footprint: Your School and Climate Change Gr. 5-8

This ideal teaching resource is for educators who are passionate about instilling an awareness of climate change and environmental conservation in students from grade 5 to grade 8. This chapter slice, taken from the full lesson plan Reducing Your School's Carbon Footprint, focuses specifically on how your school relates to climate change.

Making Complex Subjects Accessible And Engaging

This teaching resource has been designed to make complex subjects like climate science accessible and engaging for mid-level students. The learning content helps pupils understand their school's carbon footprint, identifying the contribution made by fossil fuel consumption on campus.

Taking Action On Climate Change Within The Classroom

  • The real-life context of this tool fosters a deep understanding of what these concepts mean but also their pertinence in everyday existence.
  • Goes beyond theory, encouraging students to brainstorm practical ways they can reduce their own energy usage within school.
  • Consideration is given as to why schools should consider idle-zone designation, linking back seamlessly into classroom discussions around carbon emissions reduction.
  • In further exploring tangible actions for fighting climate change, this product shows how tree planting can help capture CO2 emissions too.
  • An integrated project challenge inspires learners towards enhancing environmental sustainability at their school – injecting them with a hands-on approach to addressing global challenges.
A Deeper Understanding Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Carbon Offsets

This plan delves into the concept pathways that lead up to causing greenhouse gas emissions such as the life cycle of bread slices along with carbon offsets and how they are an option for reducing overall emission figures at schools promptly & effectively before slower methods such as tree planting reach maturity and start absorbing CO2.

Resourceful Features Aligned With Educational Best Practices

Aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy and STEAM initiatives, this file comes equipped with additional materials including:

  • Graphic organizers assist learners visually navigate through multiple concepts.
  • Comprehension quizzes, designed according to educational best practices.
  • Carbon footprint calculators, encouraging practical applications.
  • Puzzles (crossword & word search).
  • An answer key ensures that educators can verify student responses accurately.

Bridging Science Instruction And Environmental Awareness

This resource primarily focuses on environmental science within science instruction. This PDF file is adaptable to different teaching strategies such as whole group discussions, small groups, or individual homework assignments. All in all, it's truly a comprehensive tool for understanding climate change starting from your classroom.

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