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Research Organizer & Essay Assignment: Andy Warhol

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Research Organizer & Essay Assignment: Andy Warhol Dive into the world of renowned pop artist Andy Warhol with this engaging research and writing activity. Students will conduct research to learn about Warhol's life and work, gathering facts and citing quality sources using the provided note-taking worksheet. Next, they will use their research to draft a five-paragraph essay, following step-by-step outlines and tips. Finally, students can do peer reviews before submitting their final drafts. This carefully scaffolded resource can be implemented as a complete multi-day research lesson or adapted for shorter research activities. The color and black-and-white worksheets, peer review checklist, and CC-aligned rubric make assigning and assessing student work simple. Recommended for secondary ELA, art, and humanities classrooms, this resource provides flexibility to teach the research process across grades 7-11.

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