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Research Organizer & Essay Assignment: George Gershwin

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George Gershwin Biography Research Project The famous American composer George Gershwin left behind a rich musical legacy still beloved today. With this engaging 6-page resource, students will conduct research on Gershwin's influential life and career before crafting an informative essay. The step-by-step materials scaffold the research and writing process for learners. First, a biography worksheet guides information gathering, including quality source citation. Next, an outline organizes facts into essay structure. Finally, the assignment sheet presents essay requirements, writing tips, peer review, and a rubric tied to Common Core standards. Differentiation is built-in since educators can assign this as an entire lesson or use components to supplement instruction. Applicable for grades 8-12, particularly music and social studies classes. This versatile resource develops research abilities and informs students about a key figure in 20th century American music.

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