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Research Organizer & Essay Assignment: Miles Davis

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Trumpeter Miles Davis Research Organizer & Essay Assignment This engaging 6-page teaching resource provides students the opportunity to research the life of legendary jazz musician Miles Davis through guided note-taking and outlining worksheets. It builds to a final 5-paragraph essay that can be peer reviewed and assessed using the included grading rubric. The step-by-step materials make assigning and assessing student work easy. Students will conduct research, take notes, create an outline, write a draft, peer review, and submit a final copy. Background information establishes context about Miles Davis so students can dive right into research. The resource works well for whole class or individual assignments in grades 8-11. This complete research project facilitates key research, writing, revision, and citation skills tied to ELA standards. Students will enjoy learning about an iconic musician while developing critical proficiencies. Editable versions provided.

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