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Research: World of Mammals: Lagomorphs

An educational teaching resource from THE LANTERN OF KNOWLEDGE entitled Research: World of Mammals: Lagomorphs downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 8, 9, 10



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About This Product

This Research: World of Mammals: Lagomorphs book contains science and literary activities.

It has a mixture of activities including a cartooning component. There are anatomical activities,essay, data worksheets on a variety of 13 rabbits, and additonal literary segments. There is a quiz on content knowledge.  It is a fun learning independent work book.

This Research: World of Mammals: Lagomorphs includes the following topics to be researched to complete the booklet:

1 Essay: What really is a rabbit?

2 Terminology

3 Anatomy of a Rabbit

4 Life Cycle of a Rabbit: Art/ Drawing Activity

5 Pygmy Rabbit

6 Antelope Jackrabbit

7 Snowshoe Hare

8 Arctic Hare

9 Black-tailed Jackrabbit

10 European Hare

11 Alaskan Hare

12 Swamp Rabbit

13 Desert Cottontail

14 Brush Rabbit

15 Eastern Cottontail

16 Mountain Cottontail

17 Marsh Rabbit

18 Science Acrostic Activity: A literary/ stem activity combination

19 Create a Limerick: A literary activity

20 Word Search

21 Cartoon Activity

22 Science Vocabulary Jumble Puzzle

23 Answer key: Science Jumble Puzzle

24 Quiz: Stem/ Science Content Knowledge

25 Answer key: Quiz

This Research: World of Mammals: Lagomorphs is designed to be completed either individually, in groups, or pairs of students. It can also be assigned all together or in parts.

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