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Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 3

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Product Title: Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 3

The Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 3 is an effective and engaging teaching resource tailored specifically for learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1. This product provides a novel approach to learning addition by utilizing the appeal of colorful robots. The interactive nature of the worksheets incorporated in this PDF engages young minds; it is not merely about colorfully filling up numbers but also methodical learning of math facts.

  • Package Contents:
    • Four separate worksheets,
    • Versatility for various types of classroom settings,
    • Potential for home-based assignments.

    Educators have the liberty to use this versatile resource in numerous ways depending on their lesson plans or pupil's needs. It may be used for whole group sessions where students can enjoy a sense of shared accomplishment as they learn together, or likewise integrated into small group activities where focus can be given individually or among few students at a time.

    This third set in a series focuses on double addition facts - indisputably vital mathematical knowledge for primary level kids to unlock more advanced concepts later on. A well-thought-out blend of educational content and entertainment will ensure students remain dedicated throughout their tasks while having fun at the same time.

    Vibrant Visuals!

    With its vibrant visuals signaling various double addition facts, our Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 3 injects creativity into regular arithmetic lessons and opens children's capacity to absorb intricate math concepts with less difficulty - proving once again that sometimes learning can actually feel like playtime!


What's Included

4-page PDF

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robot addition doubles facts color by number interactive learning math worksheets

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