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Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 5

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 5

Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 5 is a comprehensive teaching tool designed specifically for Kindergarten and Grade 1 educators, whether operating in traditional classroom settings or homeschooling environments. This toolsett primarily targets Mathematics curriculum with a focus on Addition, offering an engaging means of skill reinforcement.

Inclusions in the Set:

  • This product contains four worksheets compiled into one PDF file that can be easily printed.
  • The pages aim to fortify the student’s understanding of addition doubles facts - a crucial pillar of competence in arithmetic.
  • The combination of coloring tasks with retrieval-based practice seamlessly integrates creativity alongside analytical skills development within learners.


  • This resource holds high adaptability quotient supporting varied instructional strategies like whole group learning, reductionist circles, and personalised assignments. This diverse application framework suits your current lesson plans while facilitating individualised learning pace.
  • The Robot theme bolsters students' interest who are intrigued by technology-driven contexts especially robotics; alongside math tracing pathways doled out as various coloring activities keep learners engaged yet progressively self-correction prone whilst they learn these core concepts at their own pace.
  • An additional visual enhancement to learning comes through practicing recall via relating numbered colors within designated value systems – making mathematics less formidable and more enjoyable!

Simplicity through Superior Design:

A unique benefit of Robot Addition Doubles Facts | Color by Number Set 5, lies in its simplicity: no extra materials beyond standard coloring instruments (like colored pencils or crayons) are necessary once printed – making it an efficient and low-prep activity for even the busiest of educators.

It's a perfect tool to incorporate within standard lessons, optimal as gap-fillers during transition times, or used as rewards for early finishers. By combining vibrant colors with your mathematics curriculum using these robot-themed coloring pages, you will not only strengthen your students' addition skills but encapsulate those skills in a format they'll truly enjoy!

What's Included

4-page PDF

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robot addition doubles facts color by number math

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