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Round Decimals Digital Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 5





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About This Product

Round Decimals Digital Self-Checking Activity

The Round Decimals Digital Self-Checking Activity leverages Google Sheets to foster an engaging environment for 5th graders to learn and practice rounding of decimals. The platform employs an interactive mystery reveal picture, with each correct decimal rounding problem solved revealing a new piece of the image.

Activity Details

  • This digital activity comprises 16 decimal related problems, tuned to meet the fifth-grade curricular expectations.
  • In case of incorrect responses, no part of the picture is revealed, encouraging students to try again until they get it right.
  • All answers are self-checked, turning green for correct responses and red for incorrect ones. This fosters self-assessment among learners while boosting their confidence.
  • A recording sheet is provided for learners to document their answer process thus reducing grading efforts on teachers' end.
  • An inclusive teacher's answer key is also included in the package making this tool equally beneficial for both instructional and learning purposes.

Potential Applications

The flexible nature of this resource permits its use in various ways such as:

  1. Daily warm-ups that instigate mathematical thinking before main lessons start;

  2. Homework assignments which reinforce constructive practices;

  3. In-class checks aimed at measuring learner comprehension during lessons;

Note on Accessibility & Convenience

This Google Drive powered teaching tool can be readily integrated into classroom or home-based learning environments via Google Classroom or other similar learning management systems. Its paperless nature not only makes it environmentally conscious but also enables ease-of-accessibility irrespective of learner location. Thus 'Round Decimals Digital Self-Checking Activity' is a potent tool all educators can use to blend review, student practice, and test prep digitally.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

16 Round Decimals Problems in Google Sheets

Student Recording Sheet to insure students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to help you save time

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Rounding decimals Digital activity Self-checking Mathematics practice Google Sheets

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