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Finding Percent of a Decimal Digital Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 7



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About This Product

Finding Percent of a Decimal Digital Self-Checking Activity

This teaching tool has been specially designed for teachers who are looking to enhance the understanding of their students about percentages and decimals. This instructional guide is titled 'Finding Percent of a Decimal Digital Self-Checking Activity'. Primarily for Grade 7 math learners, it focuses on operations involving percentages and decimals.

The activity aims to provide an alternative to regular worksheets with a digital interface hosted on Google Sheets. As students solve each problem, an integrated self-checking system lights up green or red based on the correctness of their solution. Teachers can use this as a classroom exercise or assign it as homework or morning work.

  • All-in-one resource: The package includes 12 problems dealing with finding the percent of a decimal in Google Sheets format.
  • Educational value: The accompanying student recording sheet encourages learners to understand and learn through their mistakes systematically.
  • Ease for teachers : An included teacher's answer key significantly reduces prep-time allowing educators more time for interactive teaching techniques!

No Extra Preparation Needed!

With no extra preparation necessary beforehand, this tool is particularly user-friendly for teachers working towards lesson planning while dealing with online classes. You can integrate this into your Google Drive and effortlessly share among your students via Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Find the Percent of a Decimal Problems in Google Sheets that will save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their mathematical process

Teacher Answer Key for another timesaver!

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