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Rules and Laws | Why We Have Them And Follow Them

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About This Product

Do you have a student or two who is resistant to Following Rules? Who feels that rules are not necessary, just made to torture kids, or who thinks the rules appy to everyone but him/her?

I had a student who believed there should be no rules! Yikes! As you can imagine, this caused him a lot of difficulties in school. I wrote these activities to help him understand the different kinds of rules we have and why they are so important. I found it helpful and the students enjoyed the activities. I hope yours will too!

Some children struggle to understand why we need to have rules and laws, and why we need to follow them. These children may feel they do not need to follow rules even though others do. In this packet you will find 6 fun activities that kids will enjoy doing and 1 social story that can be used to help children to better understand, accept and see the value in rules.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 106 Pages

Thank You Page

Clip Art Credit Page

Discussion/Suggestions For Use

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

Visuals:4 Posters: School Rules, Classroom Rules, Social Rules, Family Rules, Laws

Activity 1: Rules: How They Help Us

Activity 2: Rules Match Up

Activity 3: Pick 2: Broken Rules

Activity 4: What Rule Is Being Broken?

Activity 5: If I Could Make A Rule...

Activity 6: Consequence and Punishment

***Book List: Books To Support The Concept Of Following Rules And Laws

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