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My Personal Space Rules, Social Skills Story and Activities

My Personal Space Rules, Social Skills Story and Activities
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

My Personal Space Rules, Social Skills Story and Activities

Educating students about social skills is a critical component of learning that transcends the typical curriculum. This philosophy underpins 'My Personal Space Rules, Social Skills Story and Activities', a singular resource that gives teachers potent tools to help their students grasp personal space rules.

This product predominantly targets Kindergarten to Grade 2 learners, with the objective of teaching children about respecting other people's personal space - notably those who find this concept challenging. The toolkit uses easy-to-digest language to simplify complex issues, making it an ideal vehicle for instructing young minds on basic social behaviors.

Social Stories as Core Teaching Method

The primary teaching method employed in this innovative tool are stories - which have proven efficacy in conveying immediate lessons to youngsters while also encouraging recognition of key values like respect for others' personal spaces. A standout benefit of using these stories is their adaptability; they can be integrated into group settings or one-on-one-lessons, offering a host of options contingent on student needs and comfort levels.

  • Skill Builder activities: These complementary components range from scenario cards addressing different situations related directly or indirectly from the story, to creativity-inducing tasks like drawing good personal space across diverse locations.
  • Add-ons: The toolkit also includes extra resources centered around mini-stories dealing with common behavior/social challenges observed in elementary classrooms plus a variety of visual aids that can easily be deployed within social groups or whole class discussions.
    1. The Package at Glance

      This complete bundle creatively put together over 49 pages hosts varied content material such as an engaging 'Personal Space Social Skills Story', supplemented by its own coloring companion for reinforcement learning through active participation.

      The interactive aspect of the teaching resource soars with an included animated PowerPoint version of the story that also features self-adjusting skill builders, providing a dynamic learning ambiance. Incorporating all instructions necessary for effective use, this compendium serves as a lifelong teaching resource to educators rooting for essential life skills within their young learners.

      In summary, understanding and respecting personal space is essential social etiquette in promoting healthy relationships - this resource highlights it while making it fun, engaging and most importantly memorable!

What's Included

Included Please Find: 49 Pages

✔️ Personal Space Social Skills Story {color version, laminate and bind and have for years}

✔️ Personal Space Coloring Book Companion {great to color in for extra learning, send home for generalization}

✔️ Skill Builder Activity 1: Scenario Cards {6 directly from story and 6 not from story}

✔️ Skill Builder Activity 2: Good Personal Space Drawings {in 4 different locations and a make your own}

✔️ Personal Space Animated PowerPoint Story: This is a fun animated PowerPoint version of the same story and skill builder 1 with self-correction.

Instructions For Use

❤️Thank You Page

Clip Art Credit

Invitation To The Teacher's Lounge {Free, Weekly Social Skills Resources}

Copyright © Socially Skilled Kids. Permission to copy for single classroom use only. Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

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