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S Articulation, S Blends, Slides, Boom Cards Speech Therapy, Cluster Reduction, Lisp, Fricatives

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About This Product

Learn S blends with Steve the Snake! Target goals for Articulation, Lisp, Breathing, and Phonological Process Stopping and Custer Reduction! Slide and slither into those tricky /s/ blend words with Steve the Snake! Using the interactive BOOM Learning interface, students and clients can use their finger to "slide" to their target /s/ blend words while using strategies for /s/ production! Now includes a PDF mini-book for in-therapy practice or take-home work!

Enjoy this SUPER SLIDEY activity that you and your kids will enjoy!

♥ Each purchase of this product is for one professional user only. Copyright Power Speech and Language 2020.

AMAZING Clipart by:

- Speech Doodles

- LimeandKiwiDesigns

- DigitalArtsi

- LittleMoss

- Prince Padania

- Dazzling Clips


To use Boom Cards™, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. For security and privacy, adults must have a Boom Learning account to use and assign Boom Cards. You will be able to assign the Boom Cards you are buying with "Fast Pins," (play provides instant feedback for self-grading Boom Cards). Fast Play is always a free way for students to engage with Boom Cards decks. For additional assignment options, you'll need a premium account. If you are new to Boom Learning, you will be offered a free trial of our premium account. Read here for details:

What's Included

20 target words for data collection

23 BOOM cards targeting s blend words and fricative production

Directions with tips for breathing and producing /s/ sound

Positive reinforcement throughout- earn fireflies for a job well done!

BONUS PDF included in color and b&w (you can email this activity home if doing teletherapy!)

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