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Safety Life Skills: Brian Learns to Lock his Windows and Doors

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About This Product

The Safety Life Skills: Brian Learns to Lock his Windows and Doors

A highly beneficial teaching resource, this tool is designed to instill practical home safety precautions among students. This narrative-based instructional guide suits individuals in grades 10 through 12 and beyond. The storyline sees Brianna educating her brother Brian about essential everyday safety measures.

Features of the Toolkit:

  • Simplifies understanding of home security through interactive dialogues, questions relating to the story's content, real-world examples and engaging visual aids.

  • Incorporates seven reading comprehension questions that bolster interpretation of precautionary life skills shared in the story.

  • Enables learners to emerge as more self-sufficient members contributing positively at school, home or wider community spaces.

Recommended for:

This resource serves educators specializing in Special Education Needs (SEN), speech therapy professionals, occupational therapists as well as proactive parents aiming that their children imbibe pertinent messages related to daily living effectively.

Potential Applications :.

  • This resource supports hands-on community-based learning while concurrently prescribing specific learning goals through Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

  • Presents a series of related resources directed towards fostering independent living skills. Some themes include emergency exit strategies; establishing medication lists; tracking allergies; interpreting prescription labels; devising strong password formats; countering situations when someone rings your doorbell etc.

The Safety Life Skills: Brian Learns to Lock his Windows and Doors

A versatile addition targetting SEN classrooms within educational institutions or homeschool setups alike. With a printable format and an easily understandable five-page PDF file – implementing this is straightforward!


  • As a full group instructional tool

  • For small group activities

  • Homework assignments

Dedicated to meeting a range of educational requirements, observe the transformation this unique life skills story imparts when teaching about essential life skills today!

A PDF file with seven (7) pages. Color and black-and-white versions of each page are available for this pdf resource.

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