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Food Safety Skills: Alexa Learns Basic Food Safety Rules

About This Product

Food Safety Skills: Alexa Learns Basic Food Safety Rules

This comprehensive resource is designed to make learning about food safety engaging and understandable for all students. It revolves around the story of Austin coaching Alexa on fundamental food safety practices.

Who Can Benefit:

  • Special education teachers

  • Occupational therapists

  • Speech therapists

  • ABA therapists

  • RBTs

  • Parents

  • Sustained living coaches

  • Note: The practical wisdom in this resource makes it useful in various daily life scenarios.

    A Resource for Various Learners:

    The straightforward language is perfect for high school students and adults with different intellectual capacities working towards independence. Dialogues combined with clear illustrations aid comprehension, while seven reading comprehension questions reinforce key learnings.

    Versatile Usage:

    The story supports both individualized and group learning approaches making it viable for diverse settings– from whole group discussions to small discussion circles or independent homework tasks.

    Aids IEP Goal Setting:

    This teaching aid can pave the way forward for educators looking to progressively develop their students' independent living skills in home economics and beyond.

    An All-Encompassing Suite of Activities Awaits You!

    In all of six pages contained in an accessible PDF format, learners get acquainted with various aspects including but not limited to -

    • The Value of a Bank Account; How to Create Monthly Budgets & Shopping lists; Understanding Credit Cards apart from others like Level One Money Math related Grocery Shopping etc.

    Educating While Entertaining:
    With authentic opportunities incorporated into each aspect of the resource, Food Safety Skills: Alexa Learns Basic Food Safety Rules nourishes curiosity while reinforcing practical knowledge. Every learner is set on a growth journey!

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