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‘Sam In Class' - Read And Write Sentences With The Sentence Maker (3 years +)

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About This Product

'Sam in Class' - Read and Write Sentences with the Sentence Maker (3 years +)

This boon for educators, especially those from preschool to kindergarten and other early learning platforms, acts as an intuitive tool for emerging readers. It introduces them to initial consonant blends, final consonant blends, and even unique sounds like “ch” and “th”. This ensures they get hands-on practice with phonics or sounds which lay a strong foundation in decoding approximately 80% of words found in English.

An Engaging Storyline

The resource includes an engaging storyline that maintains their interest during read-aloud sessions. Following this activity comes the fun part; children can cut out words from the story themselves and use The Sentence Maker to reconstruct it creatively.

Versatility In Application

This resource is broad in terms of accommodating several classroom activities- whether executed through whole group instruction or smaller, intimate group engagements. Moreover, it doubles as effective homework where parents can lend a helping hand.

Simplicity & Efficiency
  • Say goodbye to long drawn reading lessons that often bore learners away! This resource aims at compressing time by breaking down sounds into easy-to-understand pieces making reading simple just after six months to one year's use depending on their pace of learning and comfort level with phonics sound.
  • A key attribute setting this resource apart is its user-friendly nature intended for adults assisting children through literacy acquisition since standard phonic sound rules are applied throughout 'Sam In Class'.
  • Lastly, imagine running through word games like snap and bingo while also constructing sentences yourself? You heard us right! A holistic approach towards nurturing language skills proactive manner without sacrificing any fun!
Comprehensive & Fun Learning

This learning pack not only delivers instructions but also doubles up as a fun, hands-on reading tutor for kids who've never read before. It consists of engaging exercises focused on comprehension and retention where they revisit each sound multiple times until they fully grasp it. Additionally, these exercises allow the creative juices of children to flow freely by allowing them to personalize their drawings while repeating exercises.

A Highly Recommended Resource For Early Literacy

'Sam In Class' is an effective tool in nurturing early literacy skills while being adaptable across diverse learning styles in various classroom layouts. Above all, it guarantees that fun is an essential part of learning, making the whole process enjoyable for young learners.

What's Included

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