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SAMPLE Grade 6 Vocabulary (McGraw-Hill Wonders) Week 1 of Units 1-6

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About This Product

SAMPLE Grade 6 Vocabulary (McGraw-Hill Wonders) Week 1 of Units 1-6

Primarily designed to facilitate vocabulary acquisition and reinforcement specific to Grade 6, it concentrates on the first week across units one through six, utilizing words from McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders.

This resource becomes an essential tool for whole group instruction or smaller break out sessions, individual homework assignments or independent studies. It includes comprehensive vocabulary lists where each word is defined, its part of speech identified, and used in example sentences to provide context.

Vocabulary Tests

To enhance learning and improve retention rates, a two-part test is provided for each unit week. These tests can be used by students to note down prompted vocabulary words from given definitions or fill in missing words in sentences thereby applying their newly gained knowledge practically.

Fun Learning Activity: Word Search

An appealing feature of this product is the word search activity that adds elements of fun while improving vocabulary skills. Each word search houses all vocabulary words from the respective week's unit serving as a brilliant tool for both class activities and homework assignments.

Included Answer Keys For Effective Evaluation

  • Educators are assisted with handy answer keys that provide solutions for both sections of the vocabulary test thus saving invaluable time while ensuring accuracy.
  • The SAMPLE resource contains pertinent terms such as 'consolation', 'threshold' (Unit 1), ‘artifact’, ’yields’ (Unit 2) up till Unit six featuring key words like 'commodity', 'significant'. These varied terms cut across multiple themes allowing students attain a well-rounded understanding correspondent to grade level language arts essentials.

While this resource is primarily aimed at Language Arts educators with goals focused on Spelling and Vocabulary development, it is equally serviceable across ESL teaching paradigms as well as for any educator in need of sturdy tools to enhance student writing practices.

To conclude, educators armed with SAMPLE Grade 6 Vocabulary (McGraw-Hill Wonders) Week 1 of Units 1-6 can be assured that they are equipped with an extensive, practical and easily accessible tool to achieve Grade 6 foundational vocabulary targets effectively.


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