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SAMPLE Heart Words | Fry’s Sixth 100 | Build Your Own Flash Cards Set

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About This Product

These digital flash cards don't just show Fry's Sixth 100 Sight Words. They also display so-called "Heart Words". These are words that don't use the phonics rules that one might expect when reading and trying to pronounce the word.

But this is not all. Also blends, digraphs, trigraphs, double consonants and many more phonetic elements are separately highlighted in each component of this resource.

Please Note: This is a Sample Version. Two selections of 20 words are featured in this product. Please check out the FULL version to get flash cards of every single one of Fry's Sixth 100 Sight Words.

There are several parts to this resource.

Please check out the screenshots on this page to get a better idea of the aesthetics of this resource.

The included components are:

1. Digital Flash Cards (Digital PDF)
This activity is offered in a PDf-Format. Simply use the arrow keys to navigate through the slides.

2. Build Your Own Set (PowerPoint)
This activity comes in a PowerPoint format. This allows you to pick and choose the cards that you like to create your very own set. Just copy and paste the slides in whichever order you prefer.

3. Printable Flash Cards (Printable PDF)
The same card that are featured in the previous activity also come in a printable format. Again, this is a PDF-File.
Just print, laminate, and cut the cards, and you'll be ready to go!

4. Vocabulary List 1 (Printable PDF)
This list shows all of Fry's Sixth 100 Sight Words in alphabetical order. The words are color coded so you can see from which set it originates.

5. Vocabulary List 2 (Printable PDF)
This list shows all of Fry's Sixth 100 Sight Words in order of frequency. All the words are divided in 5 groups of 20 words. They have the same color code as the ones in the previously discussed list.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to contact me at

Wishing you lots of fun with this resource!

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