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Scribble Notes - Interactive Notebook - Force, Motion, and Energy

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Basic Science


Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

The Scribble Notes - Interactive Notebook about Force, Motion, and Energy is an essential resource for making complex scientific concepts engaging for young learners. Primarily targeted at grade 1 to grade 3, it can be handy for any educators teaching basic scientific principles centered on force, motion and energy.

Scribble Notes Core Value

Central to this teaching tool lie the scribble notes. Their value comes from their potential to enhance concept retention in students by enabling them to build tangible links between information through synthesis. This hands-on approach promotes focus and creativity among students, enriching the learning experience.

Coverage of Subjects

  • Force (Examples: push, pull magnetism)
  • Patterns of movement
  • Different forms of energy (Examples: mechanical energy, thermal energy)
  • Mechanism of light travel
  • Sound Energy

Notebook Highlights & Utilization Guide

This user-friendly notebook consists a total of 86 printer-friendly pages, available both as colored sheets or black and white versions allowing flexible usage. It gives various ways educators can incorporate scribble notes into their lessons – including teacher-led note-taking sessions during classes or student-led assignments such as independent research homework projects; some even use them to develop Classroom Anchor Charts making abstract teachings more relatable.

Differentiation & Adaptability Benefit:

This package offers differentiation options letting you select an approach that best fits your group’s specific educational needs while remaining practical with its downloadable pdf format.

What's Included

A total of 86 pages.

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