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Sequencing Activities

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Mastering the ability to sequence events in chronological order is an essential early reading skill. This set of Sequencing Activities provides engaging practice with ordering events and retelling stories through pictures.

The set includes 12 worksheets featuring colorful illustration sequences of everyday activities and natural processes. Each page contains 4-5 pictures that students must put in the proper logical order by cutting and sticking them. Sequencing challenges include eating an apple, blowing up a balloon, a chick hatching, a seed growing, a spider weaving a web, doing laundry, making a bed, making cereal, making a sandwich, washing dishes, making a sundae and the life cycle of a frog.

Placing pictures in the correct sequential order strengthens comprehension, storytelling skills and awareness of logical connections. Sequencing pictures is also a useful tool to support children practiving speech and language skills. Students must analyze the series of events and understand cause and effect relationships to complete the sequences accurately. These activities develop critical thinking in a fun, hands-on way.

These Sequencing Activities are perfect for ELA centers, morning work, group instruction and developing storytelling abilities. Teachers can also use the sequencing sheets to assess students' skills in ordering events and making connections through pictures. With their engaging themes, these activities provide sequencing practice kids will love!

The wonderful clipart comes courtesy of Kari Bolt clipart and Dancing Crayon Designs.

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