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Shakespeare's Macbeth: Story Summary Worksheets and Tests

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Grade 10, 11, 12





Gary Ciesla
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About This Product

The sixteen Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets in this book have been written to help students understand the key points of this classic tale by William Shakespeare.  Each two-page spread contains an answer key and a corresponding student page, and each worksheet covers a part of the play that can be read during a classroom period lasting approximately forty minutes.    


The Fill-in-the-Blank worksheets can be used in several different ways:


- At the start of the class, as a “Do Now” activity;

- As an in-class assignment after a section of the play has been read;

- As a homework assignment for students to complete;

- As a quiz to measure student understanding of the play;

- As a way to assist those students who are frequently absent from class;

- As a way for the teacher to quickly review specific sections of the play.


Every student worksheet contains twelve choices, and usually twelve blanks, unless otherwise specified.  Special notes are included on the bottom of those pages where alternate directions are necessary.


            Appendix A includes five tests, one for each act of the play, along with the corresponding answer keys.  Each test contains story ordering activities, as well as questions which require that the students write in full and complete sentences.  Other types of questions, which differ from test to test, include character identification, multiple choice, true-false, and short-answer questions.  In addition to the five tests, Appendix A also includes two essay questions.


            Appendix B contains a list of the five Common Core Reading Standards for Literature that this edition of the Macbeth Story Summary Worksheets & Tests helps students meet.


            The Story Summary Worksheets effectively and faithfully summarize the story of Macbeth.  It is my hope that these Story Summary Worksheets & Tests will be useful for you and your students as you read this classic and timeless tale by William Shakespeare.


            If a student wishes to use this work independently in order to learn the story of Macbeth, he or she is advised to simply use a blank piece of paper in order to cover the ANSWER KEY until he or she has completed the student worksheet. 

If you find that this study guide for MacBeth is helpful to your students, please contact me with the names of other literary works that you use in class and I will see if I can write materials for them. My email address is: Thank you.

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What's Included

The PDF includes fill-in-the-blank summaries of all scenes in the play.

It also includes tests which can be administered after each act.

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