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Shapes Copying Worksheets | MODEL REPRODUCTION

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About This Product

Fifty ( 50 ) worksheets with matching shapes activities for circle, square, triangle and rhombus, to work on vital visual perception and cognitive skills .

From simple to more complexed, the shapes are gradually portrayed with colored outline and extra contrasting variables, as described below :

· the quantity ( to differentiate the number of total shapes appearing ) .

· the size ( to differentiate between the smaller and bigger shapes appearing ) .

· the frame thickness ( to differentiate between the thiner and thicker shapes appearing ) .

· the filled in colour ( to differentiate between these and the just color outlined shapes appearing ) .

· the position of the shapes ( of all the above parameters mentioned, focusing on accordingly more demanding visual perception skills ) .

In the first pages of this 50 page long pdf material, shapes are presented autonomously and in the last pages they are mixed, creating gradually leveled difficulty .

* In this version, you reproduce the model shapes in the empty / blank frame next to it, aiming on clarity, size, color equivalence and so on, as mentioned .

This book has been designed to apply to both childrens' and adults' needs. The layout is "straight forward" and can be used either as a pre math and early math classroom material or as a therapy tool, when working with ones that need visual perception skills reinforcement . Useful for teachers, special education teachers, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists . You might want to apply as worksheets or create task cards and minibooks for your centers or hand out as homework .

What's Included

50 - page PDF with worksheets portraying shapes in various sequence positions, colors and other parameters that enchance visual perception and cognitive performance . Use in teaching or therapy sessions . Leveled difficulty material .

Resource Tags

shapes copying model reproduction premath visual perception task cards spatial awareness occupational therapy speech therapy words aside

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