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Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 29

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About This Product

Shapes Activities Worksheets Set 29 This all-inclusive set provides 50 packets with 3 worksheets in each, totaling 150 pages to teach basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and rhombi. Activities progress from simple shape presentations to more complex layouts, enhancing visual perception while serving as early math prep material. Spinning, pointing, ticking, and sticking matching shapes keep young students actively engaged. Ideal uses include whole group lessons, small group instruction, independent practice, homework, task cards, and math centers. With colored outlines and contrasting variables, these versatile worksheets strengthen shape recognition. Developed for preschool to 2nd grade, they also aid occupational and speech therapists. Special education teachers particularly focused on building visual perception and fine motor skills for children with special needs find them valuable. Download this engaging resource and other pre-math, language, and cognitive materials from Words Aside.

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