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Short Vowel Flash Cards and Picture Cards - Short u

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



Annie Jewell
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About This Product

Short Vowel Flash Cards and Picture Cards – Short U

Dive into the world of phonics with this specially-curated resource focused on the short u vowel sound. The set includes 24 flashcards and 24 picture cards that offer a delightful way for students in kindergarten and grade one to grasp the concept of short vowel sounds.

  • The cards feature words like cub, sub, tub, cut, hut and nut coupled with appealing images to keep students engaged.
  • Tasks involve naming the item presented on each picture card and blending sounds together to read each word on its corresponding flashcard.
  • You can easily implement these resources into various teaching scenarios—whole group sessions or small instruction groups for enhancing vocabulary efforts—or as a homework task.
  • The package includes options for either colour or black/white printing based on availability of resources—with no compromise on content as all essential cards are condensed within just eight pages ready for printing.

This resource focuses heavily on foundational language arts skills where learners begin blending sounds to form meaningful words—a pivotal aspect of reading proficiency. Recognizable pictures serve dual purposes—it builds understanding while simultaneously boosting overall vocabulary.

The user-friendly PDF format makes it accessible anywhere without any additional software requirements. This teaching aid weaves phonics concepts through active recall exercises effectively anchoring short u sound associations among young readers fostering their exploration into English language!

What's Included

16 Page PDF - 8 Color Pages and 8 Black/White Pages

Resource Tags

short u flash cards short vowel sound phonics resource picture cards vocabulary building

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