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Sight Word Emergent Reader: Small and Big Printable Booklet | "and" sight word


Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

This printable booklet is a Sight Word Emergent Reader for your little ones just getting started on their reading journey or who need additional help. This booklet focuses on the sight word "and" and small and big things. The booklet has a cover page!

Your students will practice:

  1. 1. Small cat and big cat.

  2. 2. Small dog and big dog.

  3. 3. Small fish and big fish.

  4. 4. Small turtle and big turtle.

  5. 5. Small bear and big bear.

This booklet is in black & white so that students can color the pictures. Each picture matches the sentence to give students visual clues as they read. Booklets are printed 2 to a page!

What's Included

1 PDF with 7 ready to print pages

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