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Sight Word Fluency Packet - great

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About This Product

Sight Word Fluency Packet for the Great Sight Word This sight word fluency packet focuses on building understanding, spelling, and reading fluency with the high frequency word "great." It includes three differentiated printables to help students in grades 1-2 develop a deeper comprehension and automaticity with using "great" across various contexts. The materials are designed as no-prep independent practice pages that educators can use for literacy centers, morning work, homework, sub plans, partner work, or individual seatwork. Each page repeats "great" several times within simple sentences and short passages. Students will read, write, spell, illustrate, and draw inferences about this key sight word. Included Pages: - A reading fluency page where students locate "great" within a short, repetitive text - A write, read, repeat page for spelling and handwriting practice - A read, illustrate, copy sentence page to link visual knowledge to the word The passages allow teachers to informally assess understanding and fluency. By repeatedly exposing students to "great" across activities, these printables reinforce recognition, meaning, and usage at a grade-appropriate level. The materials are versatile for use whole-group or for differentiation based on each learner's needs and current progress with high frequency vocabulary.

What's Included

1 reading fluency page

1 write and read fluency page

1 read write and draw fluency page

Resource Tags

Sight Words Sight Word great Sight Word Passages Sight Word Fluency Reading Passages Reading Fluency Sight Word Reading Passages Fluency Reading Passages High Frequency Words

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