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Sight Word Fluency Packet - is

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Sight Word Fluency Packet: Practice Reading and Writing the Sight Word "is" This resource provides three printable worksheets to help students gain fluency recognizing, spelling, reading, and writing sentences with the sight word "is." By practicing the target word in context, students connect the word's meaning and grammar to build understanding. The passages repeat "is" multiple times for repetition. Students will read, write, comprehend, and spell the high frequency word. Skills practiced include reading fluency, writing fluency, reading comprehension, and spelling. Included: - A reading fluency page with a passage to read, finding "is" - A write and read fluency page where students write "is" and read a passage - A read, write, draw page with a sentence to read, copy, and illustrate Use for: - Literacy centers - Independent reading - Small group instruction - Partner reading - Homework - Sub plans - Extra practice The reading and write/read pages feature the same passage for differentiation. Students who need word recognition can focus on reading while others practice writing "is." Simply print and hand to students. No prep worksheets build sight word skills with the word "is." Great for grades K-1.

What's Included

1 reading fluency page

1 write and read fluency page

1 read write and draw fluency page

Resource Tags

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