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Sight Word Sentences THE IS AND

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Students can get a ton of practice reading the sight words THE IS AND as well as reading color words with these sight word sentence activities. There are a variety of activities that allow students to practice reading these sight words in a fun and hands on way.

What is Included:

  • There are 10 sight word sentence puzzles for students to put together one word at a time.

  • There are 6 unscramble the sentence worksheets for students to build each sentence, copy each sentence, and draw an example of each sentence.

  • There are 12 sight word sentence pyramids.

  • There is a sight word reading center where students practice recognizing the color words by matching the correct image to the correct colors.

The real photographs in this resource allow students to see real world images while reading sentences. This allows students to put meaning to the words they are reading.

When to Use:

  • The worksheets make great morning work, independent practice, or as homework.

  • The sight word pyramids and puzzles make great literacy activities or task box work, for morning tubs or literacy centers.

These activities have uses in a variety of classroom settings. Students can complete these activities alone, or they can work with a partner.

Skills Assessed:

  • Sight word recognition for the following words: and, the, is

  • Color word recognition for basic color words

  • Reading simple sentences

The sight word worksheets are a no prep activity for teachers to give to students. The sight word pyramids and sight word puzzles are a low prep activity, simply requiring printing and cutting. Once cut apart, the puzzles can be used. The sentence pyramids can be placed on a ring. Both activities can be laminated for durability. The puzzles and pyramids can be stored in a task box for easy set up, clean up, and storage.

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