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Sight Words Flash Cards 101-200 version 7 VISUAL FORM CONSTANCY

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About This Product

Sight Words Flash Cards 101-200 version 7 VISUAL FORM CONSTANCY :

This is the seventh version of Fry' Sight Words list presented as posters and flash cards . It is part of a resource series that aims on early reading competence and fluency skills acquisition for students in K, 1st and 2nd grade . There are A4 size cards included that you can use as bulletin board pins, screen and whiteboard slides / presentations or posters on your classroom walls . The same words from the list are also presented in a smaller version ( 9 on one page ) for easier and cost effective printing and laminating, when desired or suited .

Use them in your everyday teaching as visual exposure, as a flip through dictionary, as a snap or match to sample game and more .

In this series you will find versions of the words with a Visual Perception factor :

  • Visual Closure ( the skill to visualize a complete whole when given missing information / picture ) .

  • Visual Figure Ground ( the skill to filter out random visual elements so that you can focus on the central theme ) .

  • Visual Form Constancy ( skill that helps to understand that a word stays the same even when it changes its position or size ) .

This visual approach, offering various and targeted visual word forms, contributes immensely to acquiring reading fluency from the early stages of the educational process .

The materials in this series are very helpful to use in a classroom setting or in one on one intervention sessions .

They prove to be a great tool for teachers, SEN specialists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Educational Psychologists, whether as a teaching tool or for evaluation purposes .

112 pdf pages .

If you are interested in incorporating Visual Perception elements in your teaching, please visit WORDS ASIDE for resources ready to download and use .

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