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Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 4th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

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Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 4th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities is an excellent educational resource that integrates tactile activity with literacy development for students from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Mainly focusing on Language Arts - Reading, Vocabulary and Writing prompts.

Finding methods to enhance children's reading skills can be challenging. These playdough mats bridge the gap, combining two fundamental facets of language learning; sight words that play a crucial role in fluency and comprehension, and shaping letters using the tactile feel of playdough. Packaged more than mere flashcards, these mats are developed with learning strategies that are both enjoyable and beneficial.

This package features Fry's Fourth Hundred Sight Words prominently displayed on each mat in a friendly method for learning frequently used words. To make them even easier to read large bold letters have been utilized thereby enhancing their visibility.

Implementing this Resource into Your Teaching Curriculum

  • You can integrate these mats seamlessly into your existing reading curriculum;
  • You can position them within independent-study workstations or small groups giving students ample time to practice vocabulary acquisition;
  • Students shape the sight words using playdough which is not only fun but also effective in aiding memory retention through this active learning process.

Included in the Package:

This extensive set entails one PDF file comprises of:

  1. A total of 50 pages carrying unique sight words;

  2. The print size is standardized US Letter making it suitable for large classrooms or even individual tutoring sessions - offering unprecedented versatility.

In conclusion, Sight Words Play Dough Mat- Fry's Fourth Set offers practicality mingled with productivity, thereby ensuring learners enjoy the learning process whilst objectively observing their progress. This package aims to make early literacy skill development fun and effective for all students and easy to implement for all teachers, parents, and caregivers!

What's Included

1 PDF (50 Pages, US Letter Size)

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sight words playdough mats language arts reading practice vocabulary development

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