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Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 7th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

The Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 7th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

This is a superb and effective tool for children to practice their reading skills. It focuses on the 7th set of Fry's hundred high-frequency sight words which are critical to literacy development. As kids recognize these words by sight, their fluency and comprehension in reading are enhanced.

A Hands-On Approach to Learning

Moving beyond customary paper-and-pen activities, the interactive playdough mats offer a practical approach to learning these essential words. At the same time, children develop their fine-motor skills as they shape playdough into corresponding letters.

The mats were designed with clear and appealing bold letters that are easy for young learners to see and read. This versatility ensures adaptability in various environments - from classrooms or homes; making this resource a seamless addition into any curriculum during reading or language lessons.

An Engaging Supplemental Resource

For homeschooling parents seeking engaging educational activities supplementing formal online or textbook-based lessons at home – these playdough mats can reinforce learning while fostering positive relationships with reading and writing simultaneously.

  • Daily life: baby, hope
  • Geography: Africa
  • Natural world: soil
  • Mathematics:: fraction
  • Science & technology:: iron
In conclusion,

No matter if you're an educator seeking new ways to enrich literacy instruction or a parent keen on expanding classroom experiences via fun educational activities at home – The Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 7th 100 is a worthy addition!


Please note that this product is an easy-to-print PDF comprising of 50 pages compatible with standard US letter size.

What's Included

1 PDF (50 Pages, US Letter Size)

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