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Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 8th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

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Grade 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 8th 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities: A must-have teaching resource that benefits both educators and parents. It offers an engaging way of introducing sight words to children by combining fine motor skills with literacy development.

Sight words are a crucial part of early childhood education. This method allows children to recognize frequently used words by sight, improving their reading fluency and comprehension. Each playdough mat in this set is specifically designed to make learning enjoyable and reinforce fine motor skills.

The set includes the essential Fry's 8th hundred sight words list, from 'alone' through 'yourself'. The mats feature easy-to-read bold letters for maximum visual appeal with minimal strain on young eyes. These versatile tools are ideal for use in classrooms, small group activities, or at-home learning sessions under parental guidance.

  • The mats can also be used as educational entertainment during independent workstations or practice sessions at home—to promote continuous learning experiences that complement classroom activities.
  • This material also suits homeschooling or remote learning setups where parents act as teachers—providing reassurance about meeting academic goals outside traditional school environments.
This resource can be easily accessed as a PDF file with fifty US-Letter size pages—perfect for printing purposes in grades two through four covering Language Arts subjects. Specifically focusing on:
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary components
The Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry’s provides a rich hands-on experience promoting inclusivity across children with different cognitive abilities while stimulating intellectual growth—a vital tool in every educator’s arsenal.

What's Included

1 PDF (50 Pages, US Letter Size)

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