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Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 1st 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

Sight Words Playdough Mat- Fry's 1st 100, Sight Words Practice & Activities

A highly engaging and interactive educational tool crafted to enhance early reading and literacy development. This invaluable resource emphasizes on the indispensable first hundred Fry sight words which, when recognized by new readers, significantly enhances their reading fluency and comprehension.

Playdough Mats: Dynamic Learning Tools

Providing a vibrant approach to learning sight words, playdough mats aid in strengthening fine motor skills. Crafted with visually appealing design featuring clear and bold lettering, this tool can be of great value in various settings like classrooms or homes.

Educators' Aid

From a teacher's perspective, the Sight Words Playdough Mat acts as an essential addition to any reading or literacy curriculum. It can be seamlessly included in small group activities or independent workstations thereby boosting the overall learning experience.

Homeschooling Resource

Homeschooling parents too will find immense value in this resource as it provides an opportunity for enjoyable educational activities at home with their children. Besides reinforcing learning it also cultivates positive associations with reading and writing.

  • Total Sight Words Covered:
  • There are 100 sight words covered in this teaching resource ranging from commonly used nouns like 'people' or 'number', verbs likes 'will' or 'write', prepositions like 'from' or 'into', conjunctions like ‘and’ ‘or’. These are integral for language arts education right from preschool up until Grade 1.
  • Pdf Sheets:
  • Each PDF contains fifty US Letter Size pages that provide ample opportunities for repetitive practice making mastery over sight words acquisition easier.
  • Subsubjects:
  • This tool is equally useful for subsubjects like Handwriting, Reading, Writing.


The Sight Words Play Dough Mat is indeed a rewarding teaching aid constructively created considering its wide-spectrum usability catering to diverse environments; offering innovative practice methods centered around play dough manipulation; fostering skills such as word recognition whilst maintaining the fun element- making early literacy achievable yet engaging!

What's Included

1 PDF (50 Pages, US Letter Size)

Resource Tags

sight words playdough mats literacy development fine motor skills interactive activities

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