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About This Product

Silly Songs: The Novel Teaching Resource

Silly Songs, a teaching resource designed distinctly for Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1 and Early Learning educators, presents a unique blend of fun and education. This pivotal tool enhance the Art & Music curriculum by incorporating enjoyable entertainment into regular classroom instruction.

The product includes a zip file containing 12 cherished silly songs that not only engage young minds but also spread joyfulness among them. Silly Songs enhances interactive learning, helping children to relish the charming mixture of music and words while educating them about rhythm, rhyme pattern, and sequencing - an essential aspect of language comprehension at their developmental stage.

Multi-Thematic Approach

  • Every song in Silly Songs accentuates themes comprehensible by young learners. It can be effectively utilised during whole group instruction as an amusing break or an invigorating segue between activities.
  • The tool excels in small group sessions where learners can sing together enhancing their teamwork skills amidst musical enjoyment.
  • Silly Songs could also be used inventively outside school settings turning it optimal for homeschoolers! Offspring could listen to these melodies during family drives or even at home converting idle time into edifying productive hours introducing them systematically to art & music.

User-friendly Format

The audio files guarantee compatibility across multiple devices—PCs, tablets or mobile phones—making it easy-to-reach irrespective of your teaching location: classroom or living room! All these properties assure that Silly Songs integrates effortlessly into any educational structure providing flexibility along with an element of casualness namely 'fun' which entraps young learners the most!

In essence, 'Silly Songs' epitomizes more than a teaching guide. It signifies an innovative method of couching learning within amusing packages that children adore unpacking each day filled with anticipation.

What's Included

1 zip file with 12 songs

Resource Tags

fun interactive learning music integration early education language comprehension

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