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Simple Machines: Gains and Losses of a Lever - FLASH-MAC

Simple Machines: Gains and Losses of a Lever - FLASH-MAC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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Simple Machines: Gains and Losses of a Lever - FLASH-MAC Education Resource

The Simple Machines: Gains and Losses of a Lever - FLASH-MAC teaching resource offers students an enlightening perspective on the basic principles of engineering. It specifically zooms in on how a lever operates, satisfying the grade-level requirements set by the Common Core State Standards. This resource is appropriate for students within Grades 5 to 8.

The tool is skillfully designed to break down significant scientific concepts into easily digestible information. It enables students to gain a comprehensive understanding of two key factors; Effort Force, and "Resistance Force",

  • The scenario used here involves lifting a rock using a lever. Therefore, it provides practical insights into how effort force and resistance force interact with effort distance and resistance distance.
  • This educational resource stands as an excellent platform for hands-on learning experiences. Teachers can incorporate it in their lesson plans either as part of whole-group instruction or during small group discussions.
  • The material is user-friendly, thanks primarily to its compatible software format that guarantees easy interaction between users and content without issues related to compatibility.The ease doesn't undermine its depth, making Simple Machines: Gains & Losses of Lever-FLASH MAC one-of-kind resource! Its application extends beyond formal classroom setups—it can be applied in flexible homeschooling environments where parents seek comprehensive material beyond theory-focused textbooks.
  • This digital learning tool has every potentiality for captivating budding scientists intrigued about how machines work.

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