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Simple Machines: Levers

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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Simple Machines: Levers

This teaching resource presents a detailed overview of levers, forming an integral part of the simple machines curriculum.

Main Features:
  • Can be used in whole-group instruction or small group activities.
  • Suits homeschooling needs as it aligns perfectly with existing curricula.
  • Begins with basic concepts such as force, motion, and work.
  • Covers various types of simple machines like inclined planes, wedges, screws, pulleys and wheels and axles.
In-Depth Coverage:

The depth provided to compound machines is a key feature - multi-functional devices we use daily are explored in detail.

Color Mini Posters:

These serve great visual aids that cement new knowledge while brightening up lessons.

Hands-On Activities:
Listed here are practical activities aimed at boosting understanding through application. Skill Reinforcement Activities:
Included also are crossword puzzles and word searches targeting skill reinforcement while imbibing fun into learning.

Evaluation Through Quizzes

A final quiz assesses comprehension ensuring no student is left behind after completing this chapter slice.

Note: Simple Machines: Levers meets Common Core State Standards guaranteeing quality content that balances both homeschooler's needs or public school systems' criterias. It's designed for grades 5 through 8 making for an ideal resource across science-related lesson plans. In essence,"Simple Machines: Levers", ensures comprehensive STEM education keeping students engaged while rendering complex topics accessible and understandable.

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