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Snowflake Themed Emotions Mini Posters For Teaching Emotions

Snowflake Themed Emotions Mini Posters For Teaching Emotions
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About This Product

Snowflake Themed Emotions Mini Posters For Teaching Emotions

An essential educational resource designed with a captivating winter theme, perfect for teaching emotions and feelings to young learners. This package includes visually engaging snowflake-themed printable posters that integrate seamlessly into the Social Emotional Learning of early learning, preschool, kindergarteners, and grade 1 students.

These posters are targeted towards aiding children in:

  • Identifying
  • Naming
  • Understanding the myriad of feelings they may encounter daily.
This resource effectively covers this complex topic across three distinct skill levels:
  1. The first level showcases a basic emotion with an accompanying image - ideal for beginners.
  2. The second level increases complexity by adding descriptions of what each emotion feels like - helping students understand how different feelings may manifest internally.
  3. The third level provides synonyms or alternative names related to specific emotions - enabling expansion of students' emotional vocabulary range.
The set comprises forty-five pages split into two printable posters per page. Teachers have access to diverse teaching material covering twelve distinct emotions presented via compelling snowflake-themed illustrations. Moreover, educators will value the consideration taken in including black and white versions intended for ink-friendly printing. These versatile leveled posters can be employed in various ways such as:
  • During individual lessons as instructional material;
  • To serve as reminders when students need help remembering certain emotions;
  • In activities teaching about sentiments;
Adding new layers to their understanding of human sentiments through these pivotal discussion starters or anchor charts provides a helping hand towards learning how to recognize different emotions more intuitively.

As the resource is provided in a straightforward PDF file making it easily accessible and utilized, these Snowflake Themed Emotions Mini Posters make teaching emotions a breeze!

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