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Solar System: The Moon - FLASH-PC

Solar System: The Moon - FLASH-PC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Solar System: The Moon - FLASH-PC

Solar System: The Moon - FLASH-PC is a teaching resource designed to make solar system education accessible for students, focussing specifically on 'The Moon'. Crafted to teach Grades 5 to 8, it adheres strictly with the standards set down by Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Interactive Activities and Strategies

The resource combines learning with technology through:

  • Interactive activities: Enhances retention for digital-native students.
  • Diverse Educational strategies: It offers readings as well as questions to foster understanding.
  • Pictorial Learning Assistance: Picture cards expand vocabulary related to 'The Moon' aiding visual learners.

A Multifaceted Approach towards Learning

In addition to the above, this package includes:
Auditory pieces:An excellent aid for auditory learners or those with different learning styles.
Videos as well: These engage different senses simultaneously ensuring maximum absorption of content.

Bloom’s Taxonomy and CCSS Compliant

This program emphasizes Bloom’s Taxonomy within its lessons, assuring the nurturing of progressive capacities from knowledge acquisition through evaluation. In line with mandates by Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Solar System: The Moon - FLASH-PC strictly conforms while emphasizing this approach in its lessons.

Easily Accessible Teaching Material

This software product file designed specifically for PC-use can be easily accessed and deployed based on individual teaching strategies or student requirements. ‘FLASH’ lives up its name giving immediate access upon download.

Tagged under Astronomy, this resource combines space exploration with core academic curriculum. Solar System: The Moon – FLASH-PC makes understanding 'The Moon' an engaging and educational experience for students.

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