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Solar System: The Stars - FLASH-PC

Solar System: The Stars - FLASH-PC
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

The Solar System: The Stars - FLASH-PC

This educational resource provides an in-depth understanding of the stars within our solar system. It's specifically designed to cater for Grade 5 through Grade 8 curriculum and perfectly lines up with Common Core State Standards.

Comprehensive Teaching Resource
  • A blend of instructional strategies that sparks student interest and deepens comprehension.
  • Inclusion of reading passages, pre-read and post-read questions introduces cognitive reinforcement techniques.
  • Promotes critical thinking validated by Bloom's Taxonomy.
Vocabulary Flashcards - Additional Learning Tools

Useful for revamping literacy skills. They can seamlessly fit into multiple teaching formats – whole group lessons, small group guidance or even as homework tasks.

Multisensory Learning Experiences Advancement Features:
  1. 'Interactive activities': Cultivation of active participation fostering better engagement levels while emphasizing on astronomy-related complex concepts internalization.
  2. 'Audio and video aids': Ensures diversified instructional methods use while promoting multisensory encounters.
_Printable Resources : Hand-on Experience Tool_:

All materials incorporated are easy to print, granting hands-on exploration experience about the finer details nested within the solar system, contextualizing learning around stars.

In Conclusion.......

Solar System: The Stars - FLASH-PC aims at being an exceptional planning tool for teachers interested in efficiently escalating their students' astronomy knowledge levels while encouraging a broader grasp on celestial bodies existing within our universe! It Spears heads multi-dimensional approach adoption during everyday classroom teachings or informal homeschooling sessions.

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