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Solve Linear Equations Domino Game

Solve Linear Equations Domino Game
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Grade 8





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About This Product

This file is a domino game for students to practice solving linear equations. The equations include variables on both sides of the equation, fractions and decimals, parenthesis, and negative numbers. Solutions include "no solution" and infinitely many solutions."

Teacher Directions: Make copies of the dominoes on colored card stock, cut apart, and place in bags. You will need one bag for every 3 students. Place students in groups of 3.

Students will divide the dominoes equally and lay them down face UP in front of them. The student with the "START HERE" domino will place it in the middle. Students will play matching dominoes one at a time. So, they will not play in order and a student could possible play twice in a row. If a student places an incorrect match, the student that calls attention to that fact, AND can explain WHY it is incorrect, can give one of their dominoes to the player that was incorrect.

If every player says they do not have the next match, then players will look at their opponent’s dominoes and find the match. The player that finds the correct match from another player and can explain WHY it is the correct match can give one of their dominoes to that opponent. ONLY ONE domino can be placed on another domino even though there could be more than one to match.

Exception: If no dominos match the last domino played, then a player may place a second domino on one that is already in play. The player with the most dominos can make this play. The player that gets rid of all of their dominoes first is the winner. Students should show all of their work on notebook paper and turn in at the end of the game.

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