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Pairs of Linear Equations Editable PowerPoint 8.EE.C.8

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Grade 8

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About This Product

This editable PowerPoint explains pairs of linear equations for 8th grade math students. First, we will explain what a pair of equation is.

Next, we have to discover what kind of things we can do in order to get the solution. We will find, that we have to look at both equations at the same time to get a meaningful solution.

After that, we present the idea of placing the pair of equations to a coordinate plane. This is straightforward when the pair of equations has x and y as variables, we can use the all familiar xy-coordinate plane. At the first phase we will find the solutions from coordinate planes when the lines are already there.

At the next phase, we will look at how to draw the lines from the equations. For that, we will use small tables where we calculate some values for x and y. Then drawing the lines is easy.

For 8.EE.C.8.B we explain how to transform te equations first and then solve from graph. (In common core, this is called solving from equations, although the common core doesn't actually require students to solve the pair of equations algebraically.)

We also point out some special cases, where there is no solution.

In section 8.EE.C.8.C there are some real-world problems. We will go through some examples where we create a pair of equations from a verbal problem.

There is also an extra sections about actually solving pairs of linear equations algebraically, this is good to know information for many students although the common core doesn't require it.

There is 46 slides in this PowerPoint.

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