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Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE

Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE
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About This Product

Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE

Unlock the fascinating world of Algebra with Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE, a teaching tool specifically crafted to address the Expressions & Equations Standards set by CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.EE.B.4.

This resource encourages an interactive teaching approach that applies problem-solving scenarios tailored for rational numbers.


  • An emphasis on equations of forms 'px + q = r' and 'p(x + q) = r', enhancing fluency in solving them.
  • Structured exercises that support various teaching strategies – whole-class discussions, small study groups, homework assignments or quick reviews.
  • Design as a collaborative activity with two forms - Form A and Form B - each providing different questions but identical answers enabling self-checking and error correction among partners.
  • Included answer keys for easy comprehension level assessment by teachers.

Digital Convenience:

The tool is offered in PDF format, heightening convenience when printing or sharing online. It effectively hones your student's problem-solving capabilities focusing primarily on pivotal algebraic operations linked to real-world problems.

What this resource covers:

    The Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE training resource introduces learners to:
    Kickstarting critical thinking skills through direct result comparison within partner-based exercises
  1. An intriguing blend of theoretical content and hands-on practice tasks spanning from basic calculations to abstract reasoning essential for mastering complex maths like equation solving.
  2. The contributions variables make in practical situations along with mathematical assumptions.

What's Included

This resource contains the following items:

1) Solving 2-Step Equations PARTNER PRACTICE

· Questions on Form A are different than Form B

· Answers are the same (GREAT for self-checking & error analysis)

· Choose to give the separate forms to partners, or have each student complete both parts. In either scenario, they can check to make sure they are getting matching answers.

2) Answer Keys to All Parts

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