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Summer One Step Equations Pixel Art

An educational teaching resource from Matemaths entitled Summer One Step Equations Pixel Art downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Summer One Step Equations Pixel Art

The Summer One Step Equations Pixel Art is designed for master one-step equations with rational coefficients. This unique tool is engaging and interactive, specifically intended for 6th-9th grade mathematics studies.

A Fun Twist - The Picture Unveils

A notable highlight of this exercise is its summer theme This resource offers 20 one-step equations presented within a vibrant summer theme. Each correct answer on Google Sheets reveals a slice of a mystery picture, adding an appeal to learning.

  • All while maintaining clarity and simplicity for the younger audience (grades 6-9).
  • Sufficiently challenging with solutions that include fractions and negative numbers.
  • Diversified set of equations ensures a well-rounded understanding.

All Checking In-house!

The self-checking aspect ramps up the value this teaching resources provides. It allows students to instantly review their progress after each equation - ideal for swiftly handling common errors.

We Have You Covered, Educators!

This product equips you with solution sets to all equations so you can effortlessly monitor student progress without extra effort in deriving solutions yourself– making targeted feedback simpler.

Suits Various Pedagogical Settings Smoothly

This activity fits seamlessly whether in whole group discussions or small group interaction lessons. Also serves great utility as homework assignments due to its self-review potential; effectual also towards sub-plans and review sessions due its adaptable across different pedagogical approaches attributes. Note:The TEKS alignment of this resource transcends classic equation types typically featuring nonnegative rational numbers aligns seamlessly with Common Core Standards CCSS6.EE.B5,B7

What You Get

You receive this engaging educational tool in a simple-to-use pdf file. Let your students enjoy learning with an exciting mix of summertime fun and effective math skill development rolled into one!

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