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Sorting/Grouping Activity -NON-identical Cars By Color

An educational teaching resource from IFIO girl - I'll Figure It Out entitled Sorting/Grouping Activity -NON-identical Cars By Color downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

This downloadable PDF is an educational activity that involves sorting non-identical cars by color.

Why we teach sorting and grouping - Sorting and grouping are important skills for young children to learn because they lay the foundation for many other important academic and life skills. Sorting and grouping involve categorizing objects based on common attributes such as color, shape, size, and function. These skills help children to understand and make sense of the world around them.

Here's an example of how you might carry out the activity sorting non-identical cars by color:

  1. 1) Gather materials: Start with two large car color sorting cards Ex. one blue and one red and twelve smaller cards with different red and blue cars on them. Six of the cards should have blue cars on them and six should have red cars on them.

  2. 2) Introduce the activity: Show the learners the two large car color cards and explain that you will be sorting the smaller cards by color of the car. Encourage them to notice the difference between the two cars. Even though the cars are different the task is to sort by color

  3. 3) Demonstrate the sorting process: Often times when I am introducing a new activity I will begin by sorting one or two of the cards myself, explaining what I am doing along the way. For example, "This card has a blue car on it, so it goes with the blue card." or "This card has a red car on it, so it goes with the red card.

  4. 4) Provide practice opportunities: Give each learner a set of the small cards and ask them to sort them by color and shape. Provide guidance and support as needed, and encourage learners to use descriptive language as they sort the cards.

  5. 5) reinforce learning: Once all of the learners have sorted their cards, review the activity as a group. Ask learners to describe their sorting process and to explain why they sorted certain cards in certain ways. Reinforce!

By using hands-on activities like this, learners can develop their sorting skills while also improving their language, fine motor, and visual discrimination abilities.

This is an activity grouping sorting book where the learner will sort non-identical cars by color. The design is clean and simple with limited visual distraction so the learner can focus on just task. It is also easy to create. Print and cut- cut once. Laminate and velcro the individual cards for years of teaching and learning.


IFIO girl

I'll Figure It Out

What's Included

13 pages - 8 sorting/grouping pages - each page has six individual cards to sort/group

red car

blue car

yellow car

green car

orange car

brown car

pink car

black car

Resource Tags

special edcuation autism visual discrimination early learner sort by color early problem solving tasked based teaching hands on teaching ABLLS-R early sorting activing

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