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Spanish Christmas Vocabulary Game Juego de Vocabulario de Navidad

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Elevate your #Spanish vocabulary practice with this engaging game! Designed for learning 16 high-frequency #Christmas words, this #vocabulary #game adds an element of fun to the educational process. The editable pages allow you to incorporate additional words that align with your learners' focus.

Player one simply says, "Yo tengo ____. ¿Quién tiene _____?" After that, classmates will check their cards to determine if they have the specified word.

Consistent exposure is crucial for effective vocabulary retention. To enhance this experience, we've included a QR code in the instructions. By simply pointing your phone or computer camera at the code, you can access a link to the Google Slides presentation. This presentation features corresponding photos for each vocabulary word, providing learners with exposure to 2+ images of the item in question. The slideshow is thoughtfully organized alphabetically for easy navigation!

Recognizing the significance of tangible objects and realistic visuals in vocabulary instruction, we've opted for authentic photos instead of clip art or cartoons. Leverage the realia presentation to introduce and reinforce vocabulary words throughout the game. Maximize the learning experience by playing multiple rounds, shuffling the cards for extended practice!

Ideal for pairs, small groups, or whole-class settings with a minimum of 2 players, this game caters to up to 16 participants. The pack includes words such as el regalo, el árbol, el bombillo, la estrella, el pastor, los reyes magos, las luces, el ángel, el hombre de nieve, la Navidad, la chimenea, el bastón de caramelo, la galleta de jengibre, la vela, la corona, and la bota.

Your PDF download encompasses comprehensive game instructions, an easily accessible QR code linking to the realia presentation, two printable pages, and a blank page for your customization with additional vocabulary words and drawings!

Explore more "I Have, Who Has" vocabulary games in English, French, and Spanish, covering diverse themes such as School and Classroom, Calendar: Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Numbers 1-10, Colors, Patterns, Weather & Landforms! For inquiries or specific requests, reach out on social media at @melissaisteaching.

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