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English Christmas Vocabulary Game 2+ Players, Seasonal Card Game

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About This Product

Let's have some fun with #Christmas #vocabulary while making the teaching part a bit easier! This product includes a done-for-you lesson with 16 high-frequency words in a Google Slides presentation. You can use the slides to support your learners as they play, and then play a third round with cards only!

Participants will enhance their skills by reading the words aloud, stating phrases like "I have ____. Who has _____?". Subsequently, classmates will eagerly search their cards to determine if they hold the weather or landform in question!

Recognizing the importance of repeated exposure for effective vocabulary retention, we've included a QR code in the instructions. Simply direct your phone or computer camera at the code to access a link leading to the Google Slides presentation. Utilize this presentation to display corresponding photos for each vocabulary word, providing learners with exposure to 2+ images of the object in question. The slideshow is thoughtfully organized alphabetically for easy navigation!

While tangible objects are widely acknowledged as optimal for learning, realistic photos serve as a close second. Say goodbye to clip art and cartoons! Utilize the realia presentation not only to introduce the vocabulary words but also to support learners throughout the game. Enhance the learning experience by playing multiple rounds and ensuring a thorough shuffle for extended practice!

Designed for pairs, small groups, or whole-class settings with a minimum of 2 players, this game accommodates up to 16 participants. The word selection in this pack includes: gift, tree, ornaments, star, shepherds, wise men, lights, angel, snowman, Christmas, fireplace, candy cane, gingerbread cookie, candle, wreath, and stocking.

Your comprehensive PDF download comprises game instructions, a user-friendly QR code link to the realia presentation, two printable pages, and a blank page for your customization with additional vocabulary words and drawings!

Explore more "I Have, Who Has" vocabulary games in English, French, and Spanish, covering diverse themes such as School and Classroom, Calendar: Days, Months, & Seasons, Food & Drink, Numbers 1-10, Colors, Patterns, Weather & Landforms! For inquiries or specific requests, connect with us on social media at @melissaisteaching.

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