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Spanish: Contando Osos eBook

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About This Product

Spanish: Contando Osos eBook

Spanish: Contando Osos eBook is a captivating educational tool tailored to engage and educate preschoolers and kindergartners, providing fundamental number concepts in Spanish. This initial reader's book tutors young learners numbers 1-10 via repetitive text and animated images showcasing adorable bears involved in various fanciful situations.

"Contando Osos"

The book "Contando Osos" offers an energetic approach for educators seeking to diversify their teaching techniques focusing on the introduction of basic mathematical concepts. Its strategic design utilizes minimal words per page, warm pictures that portray meaning, and entertaining rhymes making it enjoyable reading for children. This method is optimal for establishing lifelong reading habits by promoting successful reading both inside and outside the classroom floor.

Versatile Teaching Resource

This versatile eBook provides teachers with utility across varying teaching circumstances; During bulk group learning sessions, this resource can be employed to talk about numbers altogether or alternatively teachers can enable small groups where students read together aloud. For individualized instruction or enforcing learning at home, students have the opportunity to read independently or amongst family members.

  • The product includes an accompanying audio file enhancing the experience by catering well to auditory learners.
  • The audio component allows comprehension practice for students as they listen attentively whilst visually following through pages filled with joyous bears found on stairs, chairs only counting from one up until ten.

A Digital Springboard towards Numerical Literacy!

'Spanish: Contando Osos eBook' unique features make it significantly more than just another numbers book – indeed a digital springboard towards numerical literacy within a secondary language! With additional titles available such as ¡Colas!, ¡Sombreros! ¡Sombreros! ¡Sombreros!, Si Tuviera Un Dinosaurio etc., vocabulary themes can be introduced progressively whilst consolidating previous learnings.

More than just math!

In today's multicultural classrooms, using resources such as 'Contando Osos' is not solely about mastering preschool arithmetic; it also fosters linguistic skills encouraging an understanding of multiple cultures from an early age. Available as a 1-zip file, inclusive of the book and audio, it aligns perfectly with the contemporary educational landscapes' digital trend.

Therefore, Spanish: Contando Osos eBook is an engaging blend of mathematical and language education - a perfect tool for educators aiming to simplify learning whilst retaining interest factor.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

bilingual education number concepts Spanish language learning early readers audio component

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