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Spanish: Diente Meneador eBook

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Spanish: Diente Meneador eBook

The Spanish: Diente Meneador eBook is an engaging and educational resource designed for both homeschoolers and public school educators teaching Kindergarten or Grade 1. The story revolves around a little girl's exciting adventure with her loose tooth, making it a fun reading experience for young learners. Through repetitive language patterns and vivid illustrations, this eBook helps reinforce vocabulary skills while enhancing overall language comprehension in Spanish.

Rhythmic narrative style

The rhythmic narrative style of the Diente Meneador engages the students' attention while encouraging them to interact by predicting textual patterns. Each page of the book effectively utilizes an average of 6 to 10 words accompanied by pertinent images that infer meaning, thus fostering independent reasoning as well as imaginative thinking among students.

A level two book from our beginner series

  • Fosters foundational reading abilities in classroom setting
  • Promotes lifelong enjoyment in reading outside school premises.
  • The book can be used during whole group instruction, within small learning groups, or as a delightful homework assignment promoting family involvement.
Addition titles in the series include:
  1. "¡Colas!”
  2. "¡Sombreros! ¡Sombreros! ¡Sombreros!"
  3. "Contando Osos"
  4. "Si Tuviera Un Dinosaurio"
And more captivating titles that boost young readers' interests. Accompanying this eBook is an audio file that aids students who might need support or simply appreciate guidance along their reading journey. It can serve to facilitate listening exercises thus developing auditory skills alongside linguistic competence.

The product package delivered consists of one zip file containing both the book and audio format making it easy-to-access whatever device you choose to employ during your lessons as per convenience.

With its simple yet interesting storyline, coupled with creative imageries, the Spanish: Diente Meneador eBook certainly makes for a valuable teaching resource in either fostering academic language proficiency or simply increasing young learners' interest towards the fun world of reading.

What's Included

1 zip file with book and audio

Resource Tags

Spanish language Beginner readers Vocabulary skills Comprehension skills Repetitive language patterns

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